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Current Projects

The Last Heist (2016)
as Paul
A bank heist descends into violent chaos when one of the hostages turns out to be a serial killer.
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  • Still Star-Crossed (2016)
    as Count Paris
    Following the aftermath of the tragic deaths of Romeo and Juliet, mysterious figures in Verona are determined to reignite the feud between the Montagues and the Capulets.
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    See Torrance’s Wedding Photos on The Knot!

    Siobhan      •       Sep 25, 2016      •       Uncategorised      •       0 Comments

    You can now take an exclusive look at Torrance and Alyssa’s gorgeous wedding photos over on The Knot website. Although we have a couple of wedding photos in our gallery, I won’t add these so be sure to visit the link to see them. Don’t they look stunning?

    New Stills from ‘The Last Heist’ Added

    Siobhan      •       Jul 29, 2016      •       Productions ,The Last Heist      •       0 Comments

    I have finally found some more stills from Torrance’s upcoming film The Last Heist. Check them out in their glorious HQ size by clicking on the thumbnails below – I must say, I am rather intrigued by this film!


    Promoting ‘Still Star Crossed’

    Siobhan      •       Jul 21, 2016      •       Productions ,Public Appearances ,Still Star-Crossed      •       0 Comments

    While we await some promotional stills and some official glimpses of Tor in costume for his newest role, I have added some photos from a promotional tour the cast of Still Star Crossed did in April. I have also translated some information from a Spanish article about the event below.


    The mayor of Salamanca, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco, today greeted his guests, stars of the series “Still Star Crossed”, director Michael Offer, and producers Sara Fischer and Betsy Beers who are in town for the filming of the pilot.

    In his speech, he thanked the choice of Salamanca for filming quoted by producers as “prestigious”, and the ABC Network and Studios responsible for the Spanish production.

    Production work began on Monday and will run until May 2nd. As for the recording scenarios, a total of eleven locations in the historic center make this one of the most ambitious of those shootings have been carried out in the city of Salamanca.

    Natalie Zfat’s Los Angeles Summer Dinner Party

    Siobhan      •       Jul 13, 2016      •       Public Appearances      •       0 Comments

    I’m a little late with this one, but late last month Torrance and his wife Alyssa stepped out to join Natalie Zfat at her Summer Dinner Party. I have added some photos from the event to the gallery.


    Torrance Attends the 8th Annual ‘Empathy Rocks’

    Siobhan      •       Jun 14, 2016      •       Public Appearances      •       0 Comments

    Two days ago Torrance stepped out for his first event of 2016! He attended and spoke at the 8th Annual ‘Empathy Rocks’ event hosted by Children Mending Hearts and Vintage Grocers in Beverley Hills, California. I have added 3 photos from the event to our gallery.


    Finally (but most importantly) I’d like to wish Torrance a huge Happy Birthday for today!

    Reign: Season 2 Screencaps

    Siobhan      •       Jun 2, 2016      •       Productions ,Reign      •       0 Comments

    I have (finally) added screen-captures from the remaining episodes of Reign, season 2. Captures from Torrance’s final Reign appearances in season 3 will follow soon.


    Torrance’s First Camera Appearance

    Siobhan      •       May 30, 2016      •       Music Videos ,Productions      •       0 Comments

    This morning on Twitter Torrance shared with us his first ever acting job on camera; a music video for the band Memphis. Although the quality is low it is still a cute video so I’ve added it below for you to watch too!

    ‘Still Star-Crossed’ Official Trailer

    Siobhan      •       May 18, 2016      •       Productions ,Still Star-Crossed      •       0 Comments

    The full trailer for Torrance’s new series Still Star-Crossed is now here! Watch closely, and you’ll catch a little glimpse of him!

    I must say, I’m rather excited for the show to air now…

    ‘Still Star-Crossed’ Promo

    Siobhan      •       May 13, 2016      •       Productions ,Still Star-Crossed      •       0 Comments

    I tiny sneak preview for Torrance’s new series Still Star-Crossed has been released, he’s not actually in it but it’s still fun to know the show’s been picked up by ABC so we’ll definitely see more of our favourite Canadian soon!

    Welcome to Torrance Coombs Network!

    Siobhan      •       May 8, 2016      •       Uncategorised      •       0 Comments

    Hello all, welcome to the opening of Torrance Coombs Network! I have been just a little excited to get this site open and start sharing a bit more Tor love on the internet. I want to say a huge thank you to the very kind Carol, who used to run Torrance-Coombs.com and has shared over 10k images for the gallery here! Do pop on over and take a look. Obviously I still have lots of things to add so at the moment we are a work in progress – but do check back soon for more updates and pretty things.